Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas 2008


Chic opening her gift bag

Annie helping Grandma open her gifts

Annie opening her gift bag

Lenny getting into his gift bag

Mom's surprise Christmas present

Meet Tiny Tim

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Lenny & Chic Playing after big snowstorm

We had our first big snowstorm last Fri (Dec 19/08) . . . . the College was closed at 3pm . . . . semi snowday!! The kids went out in the back yard the next evening & had a blast tearing around in the new snow. Chic found a ball buried under the snow and then Lenny proceded to try to get it from her . . . . to no avail!!

I love this pic!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Ultimate Air Dogs - Ohio - Nov 22-23/08

Nov 22-23/08, we were off to Cleveland, OH to our first Ultimate Air Dogs event - what a great weekend! Cath & I, Lenny, Chic and Pip - road trip!!

We had an awesome weekend - Lenny came 1st in Master division Finals with a 22' 7" jump!!! We were given free toys when we registered, and one of them was a Jolly Ball - Lenny LOVES that thing! So we switched frsual newfie tennll to the new jolly ball and, I guess it paid off!!!

Somewhere in Pennsylvania

Cleveland, OH

Progressive Field - Home of the Cleveland Indians

King bed - room for everyone!

This is what we came for (well, actually, we came for the dock jumping) woohooooooo!!!

The pool!!!! (7am Sat morning - notice the empty hall)

Lots of gear with sports dogs

When do WE get to go??!!!

Furkids home away from home (we later moved to another area nearby)

Let the jumping begin:

Sarah-Simone & Forest Gumpy

Bill Helfer & Jazzie

Cathie & Chic

Stephanie Hounsell & Major Tom

Stephanie & Phoebe (the flying beagle)

Bridgette & Lance (the spotted Labrador)

The kids waiting for another turn - Pip didn't jump, but she got lots of socialization over the weekend

A couple of Lenny's jumps

The pool & hall later Saturday afternoon

Entertainer with his dogs in the demonstration area

This little guy climbed his way up right from the bottom!

On the way home Sun night, we decided to stop off in Niagra Falls to see the Festival of Lights - I'm glad we stopped! It was beautiful! I can't remember the last time I was in Niagra Falls . . . . the main part of downtown sure has changed . . . . very glittery & tourist trap looking!! But, very impressive!! It was a really nice detour.

Main Strip:

Festival of Lights

Skylon Tower & Casino

The Falls lighted - quite specatcular!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Sunday in the Woods

A few weeks ago (before the cold & snow set in), Lenny & I went out to Long Sault Conservation are, which is north & a little east of Oshawa . . . . it has several very nice trails of varying lengths. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day . . . .just perfect for exploring the woods.

Did you know that Milkweed has one of the prettiest flowers out there - before it dries out & lets it's silk go on the wind?

Lenny loves nothing better (well, except dock diving!) than to run through the woods, always on the lookout for squirrels

I very seldom can get a pic of Lenny standing still in the woods!