Sunday, March 15, 2009


Finally, my pics of Lenny & me from the DockDogs World Championships 2008

Stillwater, MN Jul 24-27

First item of business - get the portrait picture taken

Then . . . . . Get it, get it, get it!!!!

Big Air - Wave #1

Big Air - Wave #2

Getting set for EV!


Big Air - Wave #3

2008 DD World Championships Group Photo

Travelling companions

Relaxing after the event
I'm proud of my kid!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Therapeutic Swim Pool

We have found a wonderful location to take the dogs for swim practice . . . . . CWC in Toronto. Tara is awesome . . .so friendly & helpful. The water is warm & the dogs always smell sooooo good afterwards. Their coats are oh so soft as well! The dogs love going here - helps to keep them in shape for DockDogs season! The first time the kids went in the pool (these pics), they had to wear life-jackets - for safety sake - in case they had trouble swimming {not likely :) } and it also gives Tara a means to hold onto them & keep control.
Here is Lenny his first time at the pool. First he gets on the treadmill to be lowered into the water:

Now, it's Chic's turrn:

This is soooo much fun! We have been a few times now - we usually go about every 3 weeks. It is a wonderful place . . . .this is actually a therapeutic pool for dogs to do re-hab from injury or surgery.

Lenny's new cousin

Introducing Lenny's new little cousin, Woodstock . . . . .Woody for short! Here he is . . . an 8 week old Jack Russell terrier. What a cutie! We haven't met Woody yet, but really look forward to our first visit.

Here is a little clip of Woody & Foofer (Foofer was given to the Kincardine Vodden family many years ago and somehow he has survived living with a few dogs . . . . Foofer would last maybe 1/2 hour at our house!!!)