Saturday, October 8, 2011

Update - Lenny's other activities

Well, Lenny has been a very busy boy since the last post . . . . . so busy that his Mom hasn't had time to update his blog!

When Lenny is not participating in DockDogs, he is playing agility! Lenny & his Mom love agility. We began training, once/week, about a year and half ago, with a very knowledgeable and fun trainer, Cindy Boht. Lenny loves his Auntie Cindy and he loves to train.

We started trialing just about a year ago, and we have both improved nicely in that time. We have earned our Agility Dog of Canada title - Sep 10/11 at a K9 Klubhouse trial in Pickering - very exciting!

The aim of agility is to get a qualifying run, or Q, which means the dog & handler ran the course with no faults and within the time limit. A team needs to achieve 3 Q's in Starter Standard in order to earn their Agility Dog of Canada title. Here is Lenny's 3rd Q at the K9 Klubhouse trial in Sept which earned us our ADC:

I'm very, very proud of my boy!! He tries 150% every time!