Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Woofstock - Jun 7-8, 2008

Mark, Lenny, Blair, Cathie, & Karen relaxing between waves.

Woofstock was a blast!! And blasting hot!! It was so much fun to hang out with Dock Dog friends & share some laughs, good treats, & jello . . . oh the jello!!

It was very, very tempting for the handlers to "fall" into the pool!

Lenny had an awesome weekend!! He achieved an new PB of 22' 10" !!! He came 3rd in the Final Four for BA; he won EV; and he came 2nd in Speed Retrieve in his first ever SR competition!

Here are his results for the weekend:

Wave #1 Sat 10am 22' 2" and 22' 2"

Wave #2 Sat 1pm 19' 3" and 22' 10"

Wave #4 Sun 10am 19' 9" and 19' 5"

Wave #5 Sun 1pm 20' 9" and 21' 4"

Speed Retrieve (SR) first lap 8.55 secs & second lap 6.98 secs

EV 5'8"

One of Lenny's BA jumps - looks like it may have been the 22' + !!

Lenny doing Speed Retrieve - he LOVES that duck!!!

Cath & Chic getting ready!

Cath & Chic had a great weekend too - after Chic recovered from a mysterious lameness on Sat!

Here are their results from the weekend:

Wave #4 Sun 10am 6' 8" and 5' 4"

Wave #5 Sun 1pm 7' 9" and 7' 8" (new PB!!)

6th in Novice Finals!

Flying Dogs!

Blair & Jesse getting ready for their jump

And, some more pics of Leapin' Lenny!!

Hi flyin' EV Lenny!

Lenny's first ever try at Speed Retrieve!

Monday, June 9, 2008

FRANKENMUTH DOG BOWL - Frankemuth, MI - May 23-25

Frankenmuth, MI is the most beautiful little town - I know now why it is such a tourist destination! I am very disappointed we didn't have more time to explore all the neat shops & amazing things this town has to offer - who knew??. Next year, I'll definitely build in a couple of extra days for touring after the event!

What an amazing DD weekend! We had so much fun! Lenny did great! I entered him in one wave on Sat as well as EV, and one wave on Sun. All of his jumps were 20' plus except one. He achieved his National Masters title this weekend!! In EV he made it to 6' against some very stiff comptetition. Thanks to Bill Helfer for all his help & advice in EV, and also thanks to Heather for her help, as always. Cathie & Chic had a great weekend as well with Chic also getting a new personal best of 7' !!!

A new team to the DD scene, a Belgian Malinois named Dart & his handler Pam Karr, wowed the crowds with an absolutely amazing performance. This dog, in his first ever EV competition, jumped from 5' to 7'2" to win the event & earn an invitation to the World Championships in July in Minnesota. We roughly calculated that this dog jumped at least 20 times to achieve the win and that was in addition to the Big Air waves he had already jumped in earlier in the day! Dart is outstanding at Big Air as well. On Sunday he landed not one, but two 26' plus jumps: 26'9" and 26'8" !! And he did this after the AMAZING effort the day before!! What a dog!!!

Here are some more pics . . . . . there are lots & these are only some of the many I had to choose from! Many thanks to all the people who had their cameras & shared their pics!

Chic taking a big leap!!

EV - watch it!

(Notice Lenny's beautiful Cdn collar courtesy Lin Gardinor - Funny Farm Boutique


Yessssssssssss!!!!! 6 FT!!

Oh No! Missed 6'2" !!

Big Air Semi-Pro Finals on Sunday - we placed 3rd!!

Speed Retrieve is the newest element of Dock Dogs competitions. It consists of a DFT (Dead Fowl Trainer) attahced to a rig at the far end of the pool and a timing system. The team starts 20ft back from the edge of the dock, then they send the dog to go after the DFT. The dog is timed on how quickly it can get to the DFT & pull it off the rig.

Bill & Jazzie competing in SR - this team made it in 6.75 seconds in the Finals.

If the water in the pool looks a little murky that's b/c it was . . . .they got it from the river on the other side of the venue . . .needless to say, the dogs were just a touch aromatic by the end of the weekend!

Heather & Cheyenne competing in SR

Lynda & Woody competing in Big Air

We had tons of fun in Frankenmuth & came home with lots of memories!