Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Clay's Bark in the Park 2009 - DockDogs

Our first event of the 2009 DockDogs season!! Clay's Bark in the Park in North Lawrence, OH was a blast! There were over 600 teams entered for the weekend, two pools and lots of sunshine & fun!! Lenny & I didn't make it into the Finals on Sun, but we sure had a great time.
There were some HUGE jumps over the weekend, with the winning jump in BA coming in at a whopping 27' 7" from Dart & Pam Karr . . .Dart makes it look so darn easy!! There were 4 jumps over the weekend of 27' + . . . . . . a team needed over a 24' jump to make it into Finals!!
Jordan & Sean McCarthy swept Speed Retrieve again with an amazing 4.968 seconds!! This team also had a BA qualifying jump of 26'11"! Ares & Jeff Wells won EV with an incredible 7' 2" grab!

It was quite a trip down . . . it seemed to take forever to get out of Buffalo! First, we went to the wrong restaurant to meet Karen & Mark. Finally made it to the right one, had lunch, then I just had to take some pics of this hotel that we saw on the way to the second restaurant . . .it was amazing.

Welcome to Ohio!

We drove in & out of rain, sometimes very heavy, most of the way down

Finally made it to Clay's Park!

A very beautiful, huge camping park

Getting ready for EV

Ready . . . . . Get it, get it, get it!!!

Karen, Bond, & Mark
had this caricature done at the park

Our new club . . . . Canada's 2nd Affiliate DockDogs club

Lenny trying on some bathing suits

Mark & Bond waiting in line for practice in the pool

Roo's first time on the dock!!! She didn't go off this time but she will!

This was the set-up for Clay's Park . . . . lots & lots of room!

The kids checking out their crates with new crate covers made by Auntie Vickie

Jett going for the DFT in Speed Retrieve

This little guy LOVED getting his toy & his little tail would wag the whole time he was in the water . . . .just like a little rudder!

This golf cart was the best thing for the weekend

Chic & Roo relaxing between waves

This is EV!!

What's a park without a campfire with good friends & bevvies?

On the way down to Ohio, we found this dog park just across the border into Buffalo. We stopped on the way down and on the way back home. We met these guys in the park during our stop on the way home. These staffies were adorable (no Breed Specific Legislation there) and this Great Dane was soooooo handsome!

Also on our way home, we stopped in Niagra-on-the-Lake for supper and found this neat little restaurant that had the most charming patio out back - it was lovely! This place had great food too! I wanted to take this bird sculpture home!

Clay's Bark in the Park was a really great time. I would definitely plan to go back next year!