Wednesday, October 15, 2008


We're back from the Nationals in Richfield, WI . . . . what an awesome trip!! Unfortunately, Lenny didn't place in the finals in any of our divisions, but he did his best & we both had a great time!!

His results are as follows:

17th out of 61 teams in Master division

24th ouf of 34 teams in Elite division

Somewhere in the middle of the field for Speed Retrieve . . . .his 2 speeds were 7.33 secs and 7.29 secs

DNQ in EV - this is becoming our nemisis - just can't figure out where to place him on the dock

All of his BA jumps all weekend were 20-21' so he was very consistent. He had a very good time everytime we got on the dock . . . . that's the main thing . . . . it was so much fun!!! The best part was Sun morning as they were finished using the one pool so it was Open Dock!!! Woohoooo . . . .I jumped his long legs off!!! It was sweet!!!

There were 9 Ontario teams who went to Nationals so Canada was well represented. Most of the other teams did very well. Only 3 of the 9 or 10 ON dogs did not make it into any Finals . . . . . . ON dockdogs rock!!!

Pics of Lenny will be posted when I get the disc from Steve . . . still working on that . . . sorry! In the meantime, here are some pics of the trip down . . . the fall colours were beautiful. We could not have asked for better weather for the weekend - it was awesome!!!

On our way . . . . at the Canada/US border

They let us in!

The leaves on the way down were just beautiful!

Checking on Christine

Stopped for lunch!

The kids rode in style!

Cheyenne, Diesel, and Koya

I thought this was the strangest name for a bank!

Chicago . . . . here we come!

Hi Oprah!!

Next stop - Wisconsin!

Wisconsin is well know for cheese, beer, and apparently, Hallowe'en!

Finally made it to dinner around 9:30 Thurs night

Heather, Christine, Stephanie & her Mom, Rachel

Christine really liked those blue drinks!! (it really was blue!)


Tent city

Christine & Silken

Showing Lenny the Duck for Speed Retrieve

GET IT . . . .GET IT . .. . GET IT!!!!!

Going for the grab at 6 feet!

Catching some Big Air in practice

Heather & Diesel

Stephanie & Phoebe, the Flying Beagle

The Dock Dogs Crew . . . the best!!!

The Dock Dogs trailer

Some teams travelled in comfort & style

Cabela's - Richfield, Wisconsin

Potluck - Friday night

At the Nationals Banquet - Saturday night (that would be me in the Afro!)

(It was a 70's theme for the Banquet!)

This was our first trip to Nationals, Lenny & me, and we had a great time. Can't wait for next year! It's going to be the 10th Anniv AND it'll be closer . . .. . .in Ohio somewhere!!