Thursday, May 21, 2009

Putting the Water in at the Cottage - May 16/09

Cathie & the kids on the beach


Miss Roo . . .she's a water baby!!

Thank God for tall people & chest waders!!!

The water going in for the season

After the Bath

Had to give Lenny a bath last night b/c he spent a bit of time in a swampy, mucky part of the woods on our walk . . . .he was filthy . . . .caked on mud almost everywhere!! After I bathed him, I went downstairs on the computer for awhile & when I was ready to go up to bed, I went to put him out for his last whiz before bed . . . .and there he was on the couch (his couch in the recroom) . . . . looking as comfortable as could be!!! Not really sure just how he got under the afghan, but it wasn't bothering him in the least!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lenny Has Another Cousin!

Meet Lenny's other cousin, who lives with us . .. .she is a border collie named Roo! She is a cutie-pututie!!!

Roo's 6 month birthday was on Sunday, May 3!! She had a great birthday day - she went to visit sheep in the morning, then we went to the woods to run & swim in the pond & creeks, and then . .. we went to swim at the therapy pool . . . .we had very, very tired puppies in the van on the way home but, oh what a fun day was had by all!!!

Tara, Coco, and Roo - first-timers at the pool have to wear their life jackets!!

Roo & Coco (we were looking after Coco for the weekend)
Roo & Coco having fun at the therapy pool!

Lenny getting a workout on the underwater treadmill!

Tired, happy puppies!!!